28 Mar

Towards a World Class University, UIN Banten Postgraduate Program Presents Examiners from Türkiye

HumasUIN - Magister of English Education Department in the Postgraduate Program of UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten held an online Comprehensive Examination on 23rd March 2024. This examination invited Asst. Prof. Dr. Samet Guven from Karabuk University, Turkey, as the external examiner. This examination also involved several department members; Prof. Dr. Nafan Tarihoran, M.Hum., as the internal examiner, while Prof. Dr. Ilzamudin, M.A. as the head of the exam board, and Dr. Purnama Rika Perdana, M.Hum., as the secretary.

Miss Ramdani Astin, a student of the Magister of English Education Department, presented her paper entitled "Analysis of the Use of the WordWall Application in Learning English Using Chromebook for Vocabulary" during the exam. Her paper caught the attention of both examiners. One interesting point in her paper was that the WordWall application is aligned with the Merdeka Kurikulum, which aims to bring technology to the classroom. Miss Astin concluded that the WordWall Application is useful for daily learning, and learning English through an application on a student's Chromebook has been proven to enhance their vocabulary. The examiners also gave her suggestions to improve her paper. Mr. Guven, the external examiner, emphasized the importance of accurately citing sources in a research paper to support its findings. He also highlighted the potential of technology in facilitating language learning. As per the English Education Department's requirements, she is expected to publish her paper in an accredited journal such as Sinta Journal.

The head of the exam board, Prof. Dr. Ilzamudin, M.A., also the Director of the Postgraduate Program of UIN Sultan Maulana Hasanuddin Banten hoped that this kind of academic event which involves external examiners from overseas can bring mutual benefit from both universities. He also added that this exam is a part of UIN's efforts to become a World Class University.